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About Us

A&S Assembly, Inc. was established in 2007 with the goal to not only assemble

all products you purchase, but we will also diagnosis and repair your non-warranty equipment, as well as any other products that you have purchased that require our services. We are a full-service assembly and repair company with a wide range of experience. We are a professional business that give a 30-day warranty on our work. We have a professional and courteous staff in which upon visiting your home, they are uniformed in company attire. We are stern on teaching our employees professionalism and work ethics.

Our excellent reputation and long list of satisfied clients can attest to our superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, clear communication, honesty and integrity. 

Thank you for giving us and opportunity to meet all of your service needs! Please, give us a call for your free consultation and price quote now! We are just a phone call away................

(516) 280-5016

WARRANTY / TERMS:  All assemblies and repairs are only warranted 30 days from date of  service. A&S is not liable for damages occurring to items or property described above due to relocation service (contracted at your own risk), customer modifying, moving, abusing, misusing, neglecting, exposing to natural or chemical elements, intentionally neglecting or disassembling. A&S not responsible for any incidental or consequential damages, as well as manufacturer defects, mechanical or cosmetic blemishes & missing parts from boxes. Local Return Trip Charge $50.00 for all furniture & general assemblies; $75.00 for fitness assemblies; but repair trips vary; Return Trip Charge of $100.00 for Outdoor assemblies & repairs. (Full charges applied after 60 days). Once A&S Assembly has started the project, customer agrees to stay in contract with A&S until project completed, unless otherwise discussed &/or agreed upon. $10.00 NO SHOW fee for missed appointments w/o call for reschedule & $30.00 fee assessed for service canceled w/in 2 days of invoice date.  ALL TRANSACTIONS ARE FINAL!

URGENT NOTE:  Please contact our office to reschedule your appointment if anyone is ill or has been exposed to anyone with covid and will require a 5 day self-quarantine. (ex. flu, virus, covid and/or any other contagious illness)


SPECIAL NOTE:  Customer must have antibacterial cleaning supplies on hand for machine wipe down prior to service. If machine is dirty or deemed unsanitary, service will be declined until sufficiently cleaned. (WE ARE STILL PRACTICING SOCIAL DISTANCING AND FACE MASK EVEN THOUGH ALL OF OUR TECHNICIANS ARE FULLY VACCINATED FOR COVID)


GENERAL CUSTOMER INSTRUCTIONS:  (All may not apply, but it can be helpful)

*  Monetary Tips are required and appreciated enlighten of increased fuel and toll rates. (Suggested Service Labor Gratuity depending on services rendered / $20 - $50 diagnosis & repairs / $50 - $100 assembly)

*  Customer to call and schedule appointment once all parts have been received for scheduling and installation.

*  Please make sure that there is enough space for the assembly and/or repair.

* Area, equipment and/or boxes must be cleared of all personal objects and in a clean and sanitary environment.

*  Box(es) must be in location where it is to be assembled, we do not move boxes nor do we relocate unit.  Extra charges may apply for those additional services.

* If have sensitive flooring, please have drop clothes, old sheets or towels available to avoid damage to unit, floors or other property during assembly and/or repair as well as tech's do not remove their shoes. (Shoe booties are acceptable / plastic bags are not as they are a safety hazard for slip and fall)

*  To assure the safety of the workers and/or children and pets, please make sure they are not near the work area, tools and equipment during time of service.

*  If you are located on a busy street, please make sure parking is available, if there is a parking expense, the customer must cover expense upon arrival.

*  To assist with call volume control, please avoid calling for arrival status unless your technician has not arrived at least 1 hour prior to the close of your appointed window.

*  Customer must answer pre-call for appointment. After 2 attempts per phone line, technician will be instructed to move on to next stop and customer will be rescheduled. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not screen your calls on the day of your appointment.

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